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Subject: Re: Simple broadband Seismometer
From: Mike Price mprice@........
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:34:56 -0700

$5.13 unit price at Digikey. They have 2870 in stock.

Mike Price

meredith lamb wrote:

> WOW!  Congratulations Dave!  Amazing perserverance and effort went 
> into this!
> On the surface; it sounds like this specific MET, it could well make 
> all the various designs of older horizontal mechanisms and sensors 
> rather obsolete. 
> It seems that the LTC1043 is more available in european/asia areas.  
> Would be interested in any possible
> U.S.A., distributors (and rough price)...if anyone knows of such.  The 
> item can be bought from Linear, but, they
> have a $250.00 minimum order charge. 
> Meredith Lamb
> On 8/28/05, *Dave Nelson*  > wrote:
>     I have been intrigued by the concept of using a liquid as the
>     seismic mass in a broadband instrument for some time. The original
>     thought came the idea that a damping plate was being moved through
>     a liquid -- why not move the liquid through the damping plate. I 
>     have also studied the MET seismometer ( I operate a CME MET
>     vertical seismometer in my home system ) and have a moderate
>     understanding of its principals and the electrochemistry involved.
> clip....


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