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Subject: RE: ebay auction
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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:07:15 -0400

It's a portable Helicorder.  Looks like it is the stylus=20
version rather than the pen version.  This means you need to use=20
smoked paper or find the ink pen kit somewhere.  It wants 2 sealed=20
12V batteries to run properly.  You can set the speed of the=20
drum and line spacing and it has a wide range of input gains (down to=20
tens of mV/cm).  Some of them also include time mark generators=20
that synchronize to WWV/WWVH and are wonder of early=20
microprocessor technology (1980?).

I don't see the stylus itself, and the arm that the stylus attaches
to looks like it has been bent and "unbent", but that shouldn't
be a big problem.


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Hi gang,
      Teledyne Geotech Portacorder RV-320 Seismograph
	Item number: 7549331565	  ends Oct 2

   I'm guessing that it is a stripchart recorder.



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