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Subject: RE: ebay auction - fixing smoked traces
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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 18:48:15 -0700

I believe that you can just use paper and ink to avoid the mess of smoked
records. Leave that for the BBQ.

By the way, can the pen housings/mechanisms be exchanged for a different
type? I have a pen that seems to clog - I believe that this is the older
type and was wondering if there's a newer better type of pen. The system is
a PS2 recorder by Kinemetrics.


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Subject: Re: ebay auction - fixing smoked traces

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	No need to spray the back. Just use hair spray for oily hair - it
contains no  oil particles which cause the blotchy look and can obscure the
first arrival.

Hi Kevin, 

      Thanks for the comment! The blotchy look on my early gliding barograph
traces came from actual blast / droplet removal of areas of carbon. The
coating is only lightly attached and the adhesion can be somewhat variable.
Sure, with practice I learnt to lightly smoke the paper just the right
amount and later spray the coat from a considerable distance to fix it to
get a nice clear trace, but this took quite a bit of trial and oops. 
      I later found it much easier to spray / soak just the back of the
paper and get a 100% reliable good trace - there is no skill to learn and it
uses less hair spray! You can also use other types of spray lacquer. The
paper also becomes more translucent making the trace easier to read. Why do
things the hard way? 


      Chris Chapman


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