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Subject: Re: ebay auction - fixing smoked traces
From: "James Hannon" jmhannon@.........
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 105 07:22:14 CDT

Artists use something called "fixative spray" to protect charcoal drawings. It might work better than hair spray.

Jim Hannon

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Date:  Mon, 26 Sep 2005 20:43:14 EDT

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>> Chris
>> No need to spray the back. Just use hair spray for oily hair - it contains 
>> no  oil particles which cause the blotchy look and can obscure the first 
>> arrival.
>Hi Kevin,
>       Thanks for the comment! The blotchy look on my early gliding barograph 
>traces came from actual blast / droplet removal of areas of carbon. The 
>coating is only lightly attached and the adhesion can be somewhat variable. Sure, 
>with practice I learnt to lightly smoke the paper just the right amount and 
>later spray the coat from a considerable distance to fix it to get a nice clear 
>trace, but this took quite a bit of trial and oops. 
>       I later found it much easier to spray / soak just the back of the 
>paper and get a 100% reliable good trace - there is no skill to learn and it uses 
>less hair spray! You can also use other types of spray lacquer. The paper also 
>becomes more translucent making the trace easier to read. Why do things the 
>hard way?
>       Regards,
>       Chris Chapman
Jim Hannon


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