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Subject: Re: Status of the PSN file format / capacitive measurements
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 12:53:21 -0700

Hi Rene,

I can answer your first questions. The PSN 3/4 file format is not proprietary, so it 
can be used by any application and WinQuake is not open-sourced.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

> Hi list,
> 2 Questions:
>    I'd like to know how 'official' the PSN file format is. It is well 
> described, and i'd like to let my measurement equipment also output a 
> PSN file. However, i only seen a few applications that use it (winquake 
> etc), which is a (semi?) commercial/paid application. However, the file 
> format seems standard in the PSN network, so i like to comply to that 
> standard. Is PSN3/4 file format a propierity standard or can it also 
> freely be used by other aplications, and/or is it considered the 
> winquake applications to be open-sourced?
>   Is there any documentation on using capacitive measurements instead of 
> the coil based ones? So far i saw all lehman-typed instruments equiped 
> with a pickup coil. With my testing equipment i used two capacitor 
> plates, each about 30cm2 large, at about 3-5 mm of eachother. On that is 
> an variabele oscillator attached, with pulse counting i determinate 
> position of the arm with reasonable success but no hard data on 
> resolution. I am wondering if there ary any known disadvantages of such 
> setup, i think it is suitable to build a Shackleford-Gundersen type this 
> way as well.
> kind regards,
> rene
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