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Subject: FMES seismomoter
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Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 04:30:13 -0500

Hello Timothy,

The can in the corner is a Geodevice broadband 40 to .05 Hz.  The PVC
thing in the foreground is a "Dave Nelson" invention being tested and
it compares very well. No moving parts except the "water" in the

Take a look at these two traces.  Which are filtered 5 seconds to 1
Hz.  T

One is the commercial BB and the other is the PVC "FMES".

I'll bet your next question is "What is under the black insulation?"

Not much.  Dave is working up a more detailed write up but he hates to


Monday, October 17, 2005, 2:14:55 PM, you wrote:

> Angel,
> Sorry I can't help you with the leveling screws. However, I looked at your
> vault photos. In the center of Vault2.jpg, against the wall, is a device
> made of pvc covered with black insulation -- what is it?
> Regards,
> -Tim-
> Timothy Carpenter

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> Subject: good leveling screw source

> Hello,

> I have spent a good hour looking on the web for some nice leveling
> screws with no luck.  Does anyone on the list have a source.

> Something with a high thread count and a point so the thing does not
> walk when you turn it.

> Here are some pictures of my new vault.  Everything is connected to my
> house with TCP/IP.


> Thanks,

> Angel

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