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Subject: Re: good leveling screw source
From: Dave Willey davewilley@.............
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:10:50 -0700 (PDT)


Since you got me thinking about using a micrometer for
seismo leveling adjustments, why not just buy the head
instead of hacking up a full micrometer?

For example:
McMaster-Carr online catalog - Pg 2080 has
Starrett and Mitutoyo Micrometer Heads.  

I've used these heads for graduated adjustment on test
jig leveling in the lab for optics and other
lightweight uses.

My only worry is the weight of the seismo itself that
the mic head will have to support.

One other point I should also make. Somebody ELSE paid
the bill. Some of them are not cheap!)

Dave Willey - KD6KWM

> Larry P Thomas wrote:
> >How about adapting (modifying) a cheap micrometer
> as an adjustment screw.
> >Should 100 tpi and would have a nice knurled handle
> to turn.  Just an idea.
> >It may not end up any cheaper.
> >
> >Later,
> >Larry P. Thomas, wa0gwa

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