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Subject: Re: 15 to 20 second free swing
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Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 22:52:42 -0700

Hello Jim;

I do not mean to butt in it is just I am following
somewhat the things you say here and I want to
clarify a point on damping.

Until now I have been judging damping in
cycles of 360 degrees meaning I judge my
damping by looking only at the positive or
negative half cycle.

Say I let loose with a large swing on the positive
half cycle I will then measure the first and
second negative swings and get my damping
from those two peak values.

Say it swings ten divisions and then 360 degrees later
it swings one division
I then say my damping is 10:1.

I have been told by a Geophysicist named
Willis Jacobs at Golden Colorado 
that a 10:1 damping is desirable to shoot for.

Any comments in regard to this ?


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