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Subject: Re: Digest from 10/26/2005 00:00:48
From: Rick Groleau rgroleau@.......
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 22:45:37 -0400

Thanks for the comments, John. And yes, I wouldn't mind replacing the 
amplifier with something more up-to-date, and with connecting the system 
to my computer (which may be difficult, since I use a Mac). Any suggestions?


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> Subject: Re: Galitzin-type seismometer
> From:    John Popelish 
> Date:    Wed, 26 Oct 2005 21:37:23 -0400
> Rick Groleau wrote:
>>For anyone who's interested, I've just put together a page of my system, 
>>which is centered around a Galitzin-type seismometer that I built in a 
>>metals-tech class about 15 years ago. Includes pictures, schematics, and 
>>the story of how I built the system...
>>Judging by the messages I've been reading on this list, my setup is very 
>>basic, and there's lots that I have to learn. For example, I still 
>>haven't connected it to a computer.
> Mechanically, the design looks very nice.  Electronically, it is 
> pretty primitive and simple upgrades could improve it significantly.
> The coil is unshielded, and the amplifier has no filter function 
> included to reject either 60 cycle hum or other mechanical noise that 
> isn't part of the seismic signal.  Still it does pretty well with what 
> it's got.
> Are you interested in changing anything at this point?
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