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Subject: Re: low friction hinge discusson
From: "Wayne" wandc@.......
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 08:57:25 -0800

Subject: Re: low friction hinge discusson

> Oh yes, one other point (pun intended) about points on surfaces, it would 
> seem to me that mixing material is a good idea.  I belive I've heard that 
> generally sliding surface bearings are better if the materials are 
> different.

Regarding this, I had heard that in addition to choosing materials with low 
sliding friction, a second bearing material was often used for ease of 
subsequent maintenance.  That is, if the same bearing material were used for 
both surfaces, both bearing parts would wear away at pretty much the same 
rate.  With differing materials having different wear rates, only one half 
of of the bearing would need to be replaced.  This could be useful in those 
circumstances where "half" of the bearing is more readily accesible, but the 
other "half" is not.  Don't know if this wear/replacement business has any 
bearing (pun intended) on seismo hinges, however. 


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