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Subject: back on the air
From: Ian Smith ian@...........
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 13:11:09 +0000

I guess it could be said that I'm "back on the air" having moved house 
8000 miles, lost my local friendly active volcano and had to change from 
a geophone to a Lehman long period device.

I have a realtime plot of the Lehman - which updates automatically every 

I do seem to get quite a lot of micro-seisms, despite the natural period 
of the sensor being 16 seconds and the signal band pass filtered.  I'm 
only about 8 miles from the edge of the North Sea which may account for 
it.  It's located on a concrete pad in the back garden (yard).

The hinge (a popular topic just now!) is a flat circular plate on the 
arm and 2 ball bearings on the fixed part.  I use magnetic damping given 
the temperatures dips in winter here in Scotland.

The pages will download very slowly.  I'm in the middle of the 
countryside where there is no broadband.  I had to go find 50 neighbours 
(tricky in the countryside!), get a grant from the local government, 
have satellite broadband installed and wirelessly distribute it.  All 
very time consuming...

The plus side of countryside is that there is very little environmental 
interference, just the kids occasionally demonstrating what happens when 
you jump up and down on the enclosure.

Once I get my psn headers fixed up for my new location I'll be able to 
start submitting again.  I haven't completely updated the website 
either, so some of the time it thinks it's still in Hawai'i.

Ian Smith


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