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Subject: Re: Amateur Scientist CD
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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 105 10:15:03 CST

You might also want to look at

If you haven't already.

Jim Hannon

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>   I have the article but am reluctant to post it here.  That might 
>cause copyright problems for Larry's site.
>   If you will send me your email addr., I will send the article.
>Bob Barns
>Angel wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Does anyone on the list have the Scientific American Amateur Scientist
>> CD.  I am looking for an article that described how to make a
>> microbarograph with a 2 liter pop bottle.  It was years ago.  I think
>> that a note the I have refers to May of 1998, I think the article was
>> called "Atmospheric Tsunamis" or something like that.  I stopped my
>> subscription to Scientific American when they stopped the Amateur
>> Scientist column.  I had clipped the article but in a fit of getting
>> rid of junk I think I deep six'd that one.
>> Thanks,
>> Angel

Jim Hannon


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