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Subject: Re: tornadoes and earthquake detection
From: Mauro Mariotti mariotti@.........
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 07:48:17 +0100

Hi Thomas,

basicly during storm you get from the
ground the motion picked and transmitted
to the ground from the buildings, trees and high structures
like antennas, pilons etc.
All tall stuffs acts as lever to the ground transmitting
A LOT of noise much more than you can expect.
Is not for a chance the bests seismic stations are
located deep underground and far from trees and high objects.
So that is what you recorded, noise of turbulence inducted by
the object over the surface.
Not last also the ground itself is put in motion from the
air pressure change but that is another story.

Resonance effect related to the shape of the structures
and the windspeed are present too.


At 21:14 2005/12/02, you wrote:
>Below is a section of my website where I have posted stuff on the 
>Nov, 6 F3 tornado that passed by me. I am sure many of you don't 
>have tornadoes passing by your equipment very often. If you will 
>click on November 6 F3 ..... at this site 
>, you will see some of the 
>damage and data. Your comments and expertise would be appreciated.
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