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Subject: Re: 16-bit A/D board for sale
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 05:35:53 -0500

Hello Bob,

I got all exited when I saw you board listed because I had been
in conversations with Ken Smith who wrote Seismic Explorer and he wrote me this.

"We support Larry's 16-bit digitizer; we have not integrated the
code for his newest units."

So I was just about to order one from Larry when yours came out.  It
turns out that Ken is talking about Larry's new digitizer.  The upshot
is that I can't use the board I bid on.  I will not retract my bid and
if need be I will have it shipped to me and re-list it.  If I do win I
would be glad to pay for your expenses and have you re-list it. I
would send you a paypal payment to cover your expenses including the
paypal cost.

I should have done my homework a bit better, all it would have taken
was to re-read Larry's original email.

I will be traveling to El Salvador latter today but will be checking
my e-mail daily.

Bob, I am sorry about this.




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