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Subject: Re: earthquake alarm
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 18:28:06 +1100

  ohhh thats quick and harsh condemnation

   dont be so fast to condem  guys,    a little openmindedness to other
possibilities can go a long way
   If we had had the same thoughts about space travel we would never
left the ground to explore other planets

   Although these ideas are not new,  they were still being talked about 
when I was doing my university geology studies 10 yrs ago
   maybe its just a matter of time till we have the appropriate electronics
to routinely record the ELF signals  etc
  maybe at the moment with the current receiver equip. it takes a really 
decent sized quake to generate enough ELF radio signal for us to record it
maybe  the ~ M6 events of parkfield are jst not big enuf



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