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Subject: Re: Earthquake monitoring in Iceland
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 19:15:56 +0000


I may be your nearest neighbour (East Scotland).  I have a 4.5 Hz 
Geophone and a Lehman long period.  I don't normally pick up anything 
less than about 2.5 Mag with my geophone unless it is quite close.  The 
recent Hemel Hempstead oil storage depot which exploded (and was 
equivalent to a 2.4 Magnitude) was not picked up by my geophone.  The 
oil depot is about 300 miles south of where I am.  I did get an 
excellant trace of the recent mag 3.0 quake near Fort William, which is 
about 75 miles away.  See for 

If possible, you should get the geophone out of the house.  Then you can 
turn up the gain and hopefully pick up some events.  Mine are on a 
concrete block away from the house.  Unless you have a long period 
geophone you will be limited to fairly near by events.  A great website 
for events is , 
though right now the graphs haven't updated since the 24th.  No doubt a 
fault which will be corrected when the staff return to work.  The 
Edinburgh station is actually in the basement of the building I work in!

You're welcome to check my system, , 
though at the moment I'm trying to track down 2 problems: my Lehman is 
oscillating and I have an intermittent electrical fault somewhere which 
draws large annoying lines on the graphs occasionally.

Ian Smith

Jón Frímann wrote:

>This is my first email message here, so i want to say hi with everybody.
>I did setup my first geophone one week ago. For those how have intrest
>in checking it here is a url
> I am still at testing it,
>for possible errors and bugs and so on.
>The sensor is located in my apartment, but in a quiet spot. This week
>has been rater quiet in the terms of number of earthquakes. But you can
>check the Icelandic Meteorological office, earthquake part here >
> But there is a alot of
>earthquakes in Iceland that i don't pickup on my one geophone. Mostly
>from 0,0 to 3 on the ricther scale.
>Best Regards.

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