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Subject: Earthquake monitoring in Iceland/Scotland/ and the US
From: John or Jan Lahr JohnJan@........
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 12:49:57 -0800

Hi Ian and J=F3n,

I'm confused about Ian's location.  Your real=20
time plots are from Scotland but the Home link on that page goes to Hawaii?

For both your pages and J=F3n's, it would be=20
helpful to include your station coordinates along=20
with the seismograms.  Also, a link to a page=20
describing your sensors, electronics, and software would also be quite=

J=F3n, I think you could increase your display gain=20
a bit.  It's always good to be able to see a bit of the background noise.

A summary page of helicorder records from=20
instruments provided by IRIS to educators is located here:
These are very bare-bones instruments, but they=20
are well-sited to an educational environment and purpose.

Good luck with the recording and all the best for=20
2006 for everyone on the PSN list!
John Lahr
Corvallis, Oregon

At 11:15 AM 12/27/2005, you wrote:
>I may be your nearest neighbour (East=20
>Scotland).  I have a 4.5 Hz Geophone and a=20
>Lehman long period.  I don't normally pick up=20
>anything less than about 2.5 Mag with my=20
>geophone unless it is quite close.  The recent=20
>Hemel Hempstead oil storage depot which exploded=20
>(and was equivalent to a 2.4 Magnitude) was not=20
>picked up by my geophone.  The oil depot is=20
>about 300 miles south of where I am.  I did get=20
>an excellant trace of the recent mag 3.0 quake=20
>near Fort William, which is about 75 miles=20
>away.  See=20
> for=
>If possible, you should get the geophone out of=20
>the house.  Then you can turn up the gain and=20
>hopefully pick up some events.  Mine are on a=20
>concrete block away from the house.  Unless you=20
>have a long period geophone you will be limited=20
>to fairly near by events.  A great website for=20
>events is=20
>, though right now the graphs haven't updated=20
>since the 24th.  No doubt a fault which will be=20
>corrected when the staff return to work.  The=20
>Edinburgh station is actually in the basement of the building I work in!
>You're welcome to check my system,=20
> , though at=20
>the moment I'm trying to track down 2 problems:=20
>my Lehman is oscillating and I have an=20
>intermittent electrical fault somewhere which=20
>draws large annoying lines on the graphs occasionally.
>Ian Smith
>J=F3n Fr=EDmann wrote:
>>This is my first email message here, so i want to say hi with everybody.
>>I did setup my first geophone one week ago. For those how have intrest
>>in checking it here is a url
>> I am still at testing it,
>>for possible errors and bugs and so on.
>>The sensor is located in my apartment, but in a quiet spot. This week
>>has been rater quiet in the terms of number of earthquakes. But you can
>>check the Icelandic Meteorological office, earthquake part here >
>> But there is a alot of
>>earthquakes in Iceland that i don't pickup on my one geophone. Mostly
>>from 0,0 to 3 on the ricther scale.
>>Best Regards.
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