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Subject: Re: Earthquake monitoring in Iceland/Scotland/ and the US
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 22:42:04 +0000

sorry about the location confusion.  I used to live in Hawaii and I 
haven't changed all the pages of my web yet.  I hesitate to put precise 
co-ordinates for no better reason than paranoia and the mad idea that a 
thief would know where to locate my equipment!  Total paranoia...  
Whenever I submit a psn file, it does have the co-ords. 

I'm at 55.949N, 2.72W.  I have a stand alone rs232 12 bit A/D sampling 
each channel at 50 sps. Each analogue signal passes through a Krohn-Hite 
3322 band pass filter / amplifier.  The software is home made C code 
using the pgplot library for the graphs running on a linux system which 
includes the web server.  I should of course put all this on the web 
site.  The site will appear slow as my broadband connection is via a 
satellite link.

Jón's house sitting on a rock sounds good but the sensor will presumably 
pick up noise from activity in the house.  Whilst I have mine outside, 
my concrete pad is sitting on clay.  The deepest I have ventured down, 
when the house was being extended, is 5m and there was no sign of rock.  
I'm located in the middle of a farm and the nearest road is half a mile 
away, so I only get road noise when the farmer passes by, as can be seen 
on the geophone trace!

The coldest my geophone has experienced must be around -6 Centigrade.  
I'm sure it will get much colder in Iceland but I'm not sure what type 
of damage that would cause.  The electronics and computer are of course 
inside!  I have about 15 m of "satellite" co-ax cable connecting it to 
the amplifier via a lightning arrestor.



Jón Frímann wrote:

>Hi John Lahr.
>My webpage is work in progress, i will soon split it up in english and
>icelandic pages. I have added the location of my geophone to it graphs,
>this is more or less the exact location. I will update it when i get
>better info, i problay will buy a gps clock to do that. When that
>happens i don't know.
>I have also increased the display gain, it is now set to 5, but that
>shows the background noise just fine. It will appear on the grahps when
>they are next updated.
>I welcome comments. 
>Best Regards.

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