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Subject: from Angel with soem traces.
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 23:28:00 +0000

Happy New year to all!

Quite a bit of shaking in the last few days and I have some jpg's I
would like share and get comment on.

Both the traces are from the experimenta FMES (Dave Nelson)
seismographs.  My basic setup is

This instrument has a long period cutoff of 275 seconds. The response
is velocity with the integration below 25 seconds from the hydraulic
damping and from 25 seconds to 275 seconds from electronic integration

One is from the Sandwich Island quake and the other is from the one
just of the coast of Panama a few days ago.

In the 6.1 from Panama the inset if has a low pass of 0.3 and I think
that the big dip is real.

The middle of the sandwich trace the period is about 60 seconds.  Each
line is 120 minutes.

Larry is there any way to post any ole GIF to the recent event on the
PSN list??

regards to all.



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