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Subject: Re: Range of 4,5Hz geophone
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 15:21:39 +0000


it can also depend on the depth and other factors, whether you pick it 
up or not.  I record my data continuously.  Disk space is cheap.  I only 
learned of the Fort William quake about a week after it happened.  I 
went back to the files (I record 30 minutes per file) for the time and 
date and there it was.



Jón Frímann wrote:

>Hi Ian and others.
>I did ask becose i didn't pickup a 3,5 mag earthquake that did happen
>yesterday about 100 - 180 Km nne of where i life. You can get more info
>on that earthquake here >
> the automatic system
>that i.m.o has marks it as a 3,8Ml in size, the quality was rather poor
>on the i.m.o system. But for some reasion i didn't pick it up, i might
>have setup the warning system in winsdr too hig or something in the
>ground did prevent me from picking it up, but i did change the setting
>after i did notice this. To prevent me from recording noise, i did set
>the sla/tla ratio to 8.0, but far as i understand it. That controls the
>warning levels pickups.
>The earthquake that where happening yesterday where on the 2 - 4Hz
>(problay higher) bands, as can be seen here >
> there are more stations
> here.
>The noise level in my evroment is not too hig, based on what i have seen
>the three weeks i have been running the geophone. But i am still
>learning proplery on this hardware. That is why i will ask questions.
>However, yesterday was rather windy day and the noise levels where above
>the usual level.

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