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Subject: Re: Noise that my geophone picks up
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 09:19:51 +0000


is there a wall that you could sit the geophone on top of?  The wall 
might be sitting on the underlying bedrock.  This is what I did in my 
last house.  I drilled a hole on the top of the wall and hammered the 
geophone spike into it ( the spike was first unscrewed from the 
geophone!).  This worked well along with a very similar double cover and 
rocks that you describe.

I didn't have a problem with wind and rain, just gekos and their egg 



Jón Frímann wrote:

>Hi Chris
>The geophone is above ground, with double box on it, inside is a plastic
>box and on top of that is a wood box that has isolation material, i also
>have two heavy rocks on the box to prevent it from moving in bad
>weather. It is well sealed from the weather (as well it can be done).
>Digging a hole 1m deep is not an option for me, becose my lawn is shared
>and the there is a bedrock problay about 1m deep down, also the ground
>freezing line is about 1m deep.
>The noise pickup is diffrent, i see more wind but fewer spikes that
>start a warning in winsdr. Only the higest noise inside the block is now
>picked up in such way it starts a warning in winsdr (like when someone
>closes a door). Unlike before when i did pickup almost everything. It
>also seems when the weather is good, and there is no or little traffic
>the noise level go down to almost nothing (that seems to be the case at
>the moment). The only thing that creates alot of spikes is when the snow
>is cleared off the roads near me. But only when it is done close to my
>location, less then 500m away from me.
>So far the geophone has withstand a heat change from -5C to 3C in the
>past 24 hours.
>I can send a picture of my setup, if you are intrested in seeing it.

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