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Subject: Re: winsdr auto start
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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 18:22:54 -0900


What I do is disable the need for an administrator name and password 
thus bypassing the login prompt upon startup.
In Windows 2000, you can find it under Start, Control Panel, Users 
and Passwords, and ensure that the checkbox for "Users must enter a 
user name and password to use this computer" is unchecked.  Realize, 
of course, that doing this means your PC is wide open to everyone who 
has physical access to it.  Also, make sure the screen saver is not 
password protected as it also interfered with proper operation.

With these changes, I got WinSDR (in the startup list) working.  And 
it runs maximized upon cold boot up.

This is the only way I found to get WinSDR to run upon cold boot in 
Windows 2000.  If there are other ways, I'd like to hear them.

Good luck,


At 03:55 PM 1/23/2006, you wrote:
>Hi all
>   I'm not that versed with windows inner workings. I was using SDR 
> (DOS) currently. I was interested in using WINSDR but was concerned 
> about it's starting. My power goes out a few times per year. I want 
> to have WINSDR start automaticly when the computer comes back . 
> Larry suggested I put WINSDR in my start up file list. I tried that 
> but when I turn the computer off and on the program is not up and 
> runninjg ( at lease I think).  When the computer comes on, I have 
> to log onto windows networking, then I get my desktop display. I'm 
> not sure what is actually running. Should I see WINSDR in the 
> maximized form or minimized?


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