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Subject: force gauge/transducer
From: Jan Froom JDarwin@.............
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:12:21 -0800

Anyone know of a simple... quick... force gauge or force transducer...
20 - 30 grams max with a resolution of .1 gram.   that I could make or buy?

I'm working on a wind tunnel for my grandson's science fair project and 
we need a way to measure the lift and drag.
I  can measure lift with a beam balance scale... but the drag is in a 
horizontal direction and because the force is so low, I hate using a 
pulley arrangement to change the direction from horizontal to vertical.

Oh... and did I say cheap?

I'd settle for a spring gauge if I could find a source... that's 
accurate at this low a force.

Thanks.... Jan in Gilroy


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