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Subject: RE: force gauge/transducer
From: "Jack Ivey" ivey@..........
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:49:52 -0500

How about a piece of "feeler gauge" material (10 mm X 50-150 mm strip of
thin springy steel), clamped at one end and hanging vertically.  You may

be able to get some from an auto or machine shop supply place or  You can get a nice little tool that comprises a bunch

of these strips of different thicknesses, arranged to open up like a
fan.  That way you could just pick the thickness that works best and
take it
out of the set.

Jack =20

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Subject: force gauge/transducer

Anyone know of a simple... quick... force gauge or force transducer...
20 - 30 grams max with a resolution of .1 gram.   that I could make or

I'm working on a wind tunnel for my grandson's science fair project and=20
we need a way to measure the lift and drag.
I  can measure lift with a beam balance scale... but the drag is in a=20
horizontal direction and because the force is so low, I hate using a=20
pulley arrangement to change the direction from horizontal to vertical.

Oh... and did I say cheap?

I'd settle for a spring gauge if I could find a source... that's=20
accurate at this low a force.

Thanks.... Jan in Gilroy


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