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Subject: Suggestion for a seismograph program
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?= jonfr500@.........
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 18:02:28 +0000

Hi all

I plan to write a linux / *nix compatable program for working out data
from a psn station. I currently don't know how to program in C++ or
other programming languages (nothign useful anyway), but i plan to learn
it on my own. But i will need suggestions and help with that prodect. I
will have this program of mine in GPL licenace when the time comes.

Here is what i have planned so far, and plan to put this in a Open
Office document soon (and pdf).

* The program is in two parts, server (datalogging) (gui optimcal) and
client (working on the data, only gui). Both parts will have networks
abliti (communication over lan or the internet). I will define this part
better later on.
* Automatic magnitue calculation, from one or many stations.
* Network and Internet abilty. Both to remote connect stations into one
or more server.
* Low and hig pass digital filtering, along side with raw data mode
(setup of many windows as needed). This is can be done on the client,
that actually displays the data as it gets send from the server program.
* Post prosessing of earthquakes.
* Automatic detection of earthquakes, and removal of envromental noise.
* Webserver abilti. This is going to be detailed later.
* Map abliti, for more then three station. But also for location of
earthquakes if remote data is used. For example time and location data
used from emsc-cmes and others.
* GPS timeing and location. Timeing also awable trugh the internet by
using ntp (ntp client) will then have to be installed if used.
* Hig resultion details of earthquakes. More detail on this later.
* Wide support of hardware, both from psn and others.
* Tremor plot in a window on user defined freq.
* Telesemic earthquake detection. Local earthquake detection.

There is problay more that belongs on this list (and problay few things
that i have forgot to put on this list), but that is going to be added
with time.

I want my program to be compatable with the *.psn format and the windsr
dataloggin program (server) but also to contain it's own dataloggin
program. I also want my program to be able to save in the *.psn format.

I also want my program to be awable to professonal seismographs networks
out there, along side with pepole who have intrest in earthquakes and

In few words. Suggestions, ideas, comments and so on needed. So i know
where to start.

I haven't started anything yet, but my learning on C++ and other
programming languages is going to start soon. I need good books on the
matter. But i am more broke then usual so that might get delayed. I am
going to use what i have at the moment to learn this.

Sorry for spelling errors.

Jón Frímann Jónsson


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