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Subject: Re: exact frequencies for arrival of different seismic waves ??
From: Tamati
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 09:53:08 +1300

Please give me feed back on what you think
NZ-021-150-33-59 or NZ-07-855-0195

Morning from New Zealand
I'm one of those WHAT,WHERE & HOW people I don't know at your talking about 

I've got a question in your Email you said that  you I recieved a 
Teleseismic event from New Zealand

What is a Teleseismic event?
Where did the Teleseimic event happen?
How long was the Teleseimic Event?

How did you or they measuring the Hz rates?  are you talking about  radio 
noise your measuring or Wind or what?

I understand and know "tele" means visial affect and seismic is the resolt 
of waves radiating outwards from a centre of force release eg: a stone 
thrown into water generates a seismic affect

Cheers Tamati
From the Castle of Tamati, Hinemoa and Karauwa the Dog
From the Castle of Tom, Robyn and the Dog

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From: "Geoff" 
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 7:34 PM
Subject: Re: exact frequencies for arrival of different seismic waves ??

> Thanks Dave;
> I just got three EQs from Baja California looks like
> two foreshocks and the main, they are a little over three
> degrees away and 4,0 or less in magnitude.
> It looks to me like the P waves are in the hertz range
> which is beyond the rolloff of my current filter.
> The other day I received Teleseismic event from New Zealand
> that was said to be 90deg away and only 5.2 mag which
> was looked like the freq was down around
> 5 hertz or so.
> You pointd out something I never saw before with the link
> you provided, thank you very much. I never understood
> what those spheres represented till now.
> I am currently using a two octave filter which provides
> flatness below 1 Hz and am able to see both regional
> and teleseismic P waves.
> My filter is down to three opamps now where it used to
> be 8 or so :-) and I get better results.
> I got this penpal over in England that believes
> in a KISS philosophy (Keep it Simple Stupid)
> that philosophy has proven to be true.
> Once Again Thanks to PSN and people like
> yourself I am an old dog learning new tricks.
> gmv
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> Subject: Re: exact frequencies for arrival of different seismic waves ??
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