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Subject: WinQuake volume files
From: Roger Sparks rsparks@..........
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:23:42 -0800

Hi All,

Bob McClure suggested that I post the contents of an email that I sent 
he and others yesterday concerning WinQuake volume files. Here it is.

Volume files are a new WinQuake feature that Bob has used for a while 
now.   It is available in WinQuake  2.9.8 beta   which can be found here.

Volume files allow two or three traces to appear in one window, each 
placed above the other.   Each file must be the same length and contain 
some of the same header information before it can be placed in a 
volume.   The File/Add menu is intended as an aid to making volume files 
but does not yet work reliably.

Here is a work-around to make a volume file.   Assume the goal is to 
filter a recording and display both the filtered and unfiltered trace in 
one window.

The steps in WinQuake:

1.   WinQuake opens with  files listed in the "Open" screen. Select the 
quake to be displayed and click on "Open File" button
2.  Perform the filter operation and save the filtered file with a new 
name.  This is done in the "File Save" menu by modifying the name in the 
"File Name" window.  Click the "OK" button.
3.  Close the window containing the filtered file.  That should put you 
back to the "Open" screen with the list of event files which now 
contains the filtered file.
4.  Select both the filtered and unfiltered files by using the shift key 
while selecting the second file.  Both files should be highlighted.   
Click the "Open File" button.
5.  You should now see the traces from both files in the main WinQuake 
window.  Click the "Save" button.
6.   In the "File Save" window, you will see both names in separate 
"File Name" windows.  Find the "Dataset Volume" check/button and click 
to place a check in the box   One of the file names will disappear, 
leaving only one file name.   Modify the name (if desired) and click the 
"OK" button.   Both files will be saved as a volume with the modified name.
7.  Here is a link to the volume that I made as I typed these 
Once opened, you can look at either individual file  by clicking the 
"View" button.  The drop-down menu choice "Display Record" or "Select 
Record" both give drop-down menu choices to examine the traces 

My thanks to Bob who helped and inspired me to learn how to use this new 
WinQuake feature.  Thanks also to Larry Cochrane who wrote WinQuake with 
all its useful features.


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