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Subject: RE: Mozambique 7.5 quake -- global view of wave migration
From: "Timothy Carpenter" geodynamics@.......
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 12:37:45 -0500

The following program provides an excellent representation of how =
waves travel through and around the globe. Watch the propagation of the
waves and you should be able to answer your own question.

Go to:

Scroll down to: "Seismic Waves: A program for the visualization of wave
propagation" (About 1/2 way down the page).

Download seiswave.readme and SeismicWavesSetup.exe.

Read the readme file and then Run the setup program.

When the installation is finished, run the animation and select the =
Quake. After it has finished with one quake, the program moves on to

According to Dr. Jones' site, "It is possible to add new events by using =
Wilbur II facility at the IRIS Electronic Bulletin Board"



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Subject: Mozambique 7.5 quake

We recorded it in Gilroy CA at South Valley Middle School.=20

For those of us in California, Mozambique is on the opposite side of the =

earth... so when we receive the seismic waves... from which direction=20
are they coming and if from multiple paths, why don't they interfere or=20
cancel each other out?
Jan in Gilroy....


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