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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Long period seismonitor sensitivity ?
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?= jonfr500@.........
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 23:07:35 +0000

Hi Angel

I am happy to know that somebody is taking intrest in my earthquake
recordings. I don't get many large earthquakes, but i get alot of
smaller earthquakes. That is why i want to build teleseismic station, to
monitor the large distant earthquakes that happen, also to be able to
monitor regonal earthquakes better. I also plan to use the seismonitor
to monitor volcano activie better, since my current geophone is limited
by 2Hz cutoff. But volcano eruption tremors can go alot lower then that.

I am not ready for fluid seismonitors yet, but i find the consept
intresting. Since i have to learn more about normal seismonitors before
i can start to understand the working of a fluid seismonitors.
Everything takes time and i plan to take a good time to learn this type
of science. I also have limited space for seismonitors. As can been seen
on the noise of my geophone graphs.

Jón Frímann Jónsson


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