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Subject: Re: Signal To Noise Ratio of a Seismic Sensor
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 00:49:17 -0700

I am no expert at anything
but it is my understanding
you want the highest uniform magnetic
field possible and you want the
wires to move within that field
perpendicular. So to compliment
the field you will put two
horseshoe type magnets in
opposition with a gap then have
the coil in the middle with one
half cutting the N/S poles and the
other half cutting the S/N poles.
It seems best if the coil is smaller then the magnet
faces and is rectangular rather than circular.

If you could get several of those old military
magnetron magnets like they use in the
old days of electronics that are used for
Physics demonstrations today at the universities
you most probably would have the best magnet
you can get. But they look like they weigh
100 lbs each.

I cant imagine how you could safely create
a one inch gap with those monstrous magnets.
They would take off a finger or two if
you were not careful in keeping them apart.

No one talks about safety when playing
with springs and stuff so I guess no
amateurs have had any serious accidents
trying to build these seismometers.



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