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Subject: RE: Glacier-melting induced quakes
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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 17:24:40 -0700

What magnitudes are these glacier quakes generally reaching?=20

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Subject: Glacier-melting induced quakes

J=F3n Fr=EDmann-

I was wondering if you have any Glaciers nearby? I just read a note in =
New Scientist of 1 April 2006 p20 that referenced an article in Science
(vol311, p 1756). The note said, in part:

"Goran Ekstrom, a seismologist at Harvard University, says the rapid =
[of glaciers] causes water to collect under the ice faster than it can =
away. This makes the glaciers slip faster into the sea, which causes =
quakes. Ekstrom discovered glacial quakes three years ago after noticing
that some signals picked up by seismic monitors contained fewer
high-frequency waves than is normal for an earthquake. He traced their
source to slips within ice sheets. Most were in Greenland, but they also
occur in Alaska and Antartica."

Maybe you can detect some of these glacier quakes?

George Bush
Sea Ranch, CA, USA
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