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Subject: Re: Infrasound revisited
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If you really want to study meteors then use a CW radar approach.
Make yourself a tunable 3 element YAGI-UDA antenna and feed
it via a 50 ohm coax into the front end of a car radio
such as a pioneer with a super tuner. Then you can
have fun DXing FM radio stations from 1000 miles away
using the ion trails left by meteors. It is most fun
to do if you have a current radio guide and do this
during a meteor shower. But you must have some empty radio
channels or you are wasting your time. You will find best results from
stations transmitting 100Kw or more ERP.

You got to put the antenna on a pole 10 feet tall or so
that you can use its directional qualities.
The signal will appear strongest from the actual direction
of the transmitter.

The meteors will leave an expanding ion trail behind them
you will see the meteor come in across the sky and a second or so later
after the trail has expanded forming a kind of radio mirror
in the sky you will hear the various stations you can rotate
your antenna to find.

As the meteor trail expands you might hear a kind of stuttering
that I believe is caused by some kind of interference pattern.

On really strong reflections you might see the stereo light come on.

I can see the potential for long distance over the horizon
communications using this technique but you need
to use short burst transmissions and some kind
of detector to let the transmitter know that
conditions are right for this kind of communications.

You must keep a big city behind you or you will
be swamped by all kinds of RFI.

I know this is getting off the EQ subject but just like watching EQ this
thing is Amateur and it can be fun trying to ID the distant radio
stations you listen to. Occasionally you might get special conditions
which allow you to hear distant stations for 20 or 30 minutes
which usually happen at sundown or sunrise.


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