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Subject: Re: Possible that large earthquake is going to strike SISZ soon
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 07:17:50 +0100

you might find that, with a large event nearby, your system will 
saturate - the signal level will be too great for your A/D.  If you have 
a spare channel on your filter/amplifier you might want to connect your 
geophone to 2 channels, the second one having a lower gain in the hope 
that it will not saturate. 


Jˇn FrÝmann wrote:

>Hi all
>According to the experts at Icelandic Met Office (IMO). They think that
>there is a risk of a large earthquake going to strike the SISZ (Southern
>Iceland Seismic Zone) soon. They base there opinion on this data.
>Yesterday there was a swarm of about 20 small earthquakes 3 km WSW of
>Hverager­i (town), all of this earthquakes where smaller then 1.0Ml in
>size. They can't rule out the option that this is pre-activie of a
>larger earthquake that might strike there. I assume that they draw this
>from what was learned in the year 2000 in the large earthquakes that did
>hit the SISZ then. There is good report on those earthquakes here
>I wanted to let you all know of this, in case something happens. I can
>forward more info on this if i learn something new.

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