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Subject: Re: My geophone did pickup mag 7.7 earthquake in siberia
From: Ian Smith ian@...........
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:19:15 +0100


IRIS lists it as a 6.1 but either way, it's sent out a good signal for=20
us "northerners".  I was able for the first time to test my 2 gain=20
system as this quake saturated my 12 bit A/D.  I've been recording on 2=20
channels for a while now (the 2nd channel having a lower gain by a=20
factor of 10) and for this trace have "stitched" the 2 files together.=20
 From the 2 files I create 1 file consisting of the non-saturated high=20
gain values and the low gain values when the high gain is saturated.=20
 The resultant trace is excellant and has a resolution of around 15 bits.

I'll try to post it later.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann wrote:

>Hi all
>My geophone did pickup the 7.7Mw earthquake in Siberia last night. Both
>p and s waves are there, along with the surface wave. I will send the
>psn files to the event list shortly.
> =20


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