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Subject: Re: hammer seismic interpretation
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Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 09:22:47 -0800


Here's a few links which might help you:

and this publication:

Dobecki, T.L. and P.R. Romig. 1985. Geotechnical and groundwater geophysics.
In Geophys., vol. 50, no. 12: 2621-36.

Cool setup, Jim!


At 04:49 PM 5/16/2006, you wrote:

>Hi, I have  a question about interpretation of
>seismic data for the group. I have built a hammer
>seismic system which incorporates a memory scope. I
>can hammer the ground any number of times and sum the
>returned signal. This gives vastly increased
>sensitivity and immunity to noise. can anyone suggest
>sources of information on how to measure the depth to
>bedrock with this type of device?
>I have used the sound card on a pc and piezo disks to
>detect and trigger the data collection.
>Best Regards
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