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Subject: Re: Earthquake sonar software
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 17:35:20 -0700

I used to work in SONAR and have since
come to realize the Physics of SONAR has
come from the geophysicist more then anywhere else.
The military wants to keep all this SONAR stuff Secret
but all you need to do is study geophysics and transfer what
you learn there to SONAR to understand the
In water it is simpler because no S waves to worry about.
Just look at the P waves for SONAR.
Water has all kinds of velocity boundaries for
reflection and refraction just like layers in the EARTH.
You can hear things like diesel engines 2000 miles away
because of how those "P" waves move.
I cant help but wonder about low freq. transmissions
of intelligence through the earth is not somehow
modulation of seismic like waves instead of being
There is so much to know that we must specialize
or we will spend all our lives learning and not
have time doing anything before we die.

When I was in SONAR we had no computer other than
specialized slide rules to compute the
ray paths that sound will follow in SeaWater.
Today the spoiled young brats in SONAR just need to
let the mathematicians/programmers do all the work
and push a button to get all their answers.
Today They can spend more time Searching/Classifying and Destroying
less so computing and understanding.

Long Live Computers.

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Subject: Earthquake sonar software

> Hi all
> Is there a software out there that can draw a picture of what earthquake
> wave passes trugh ? Something like a sonar type of software. I am not
> sure of the this is excaly called in english. I will try to clear this
> up if this can't be understand in this email.
> Regards.
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> Jón Frímann
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