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Subject: RE: spike problem
From: "Timothy Carpenter" geodynamics@.......
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 18:59:55 -0400


There is some type of very high frequency signal entering the system. =
has nothing to do with the geophones. They appear to be functioning
adequately because all three channels are responding to discreet events.

Have you connected the shield wire to the ground connection on the board

If you have, and you still are getting the spikes, then the next step is =
do as others have suggested -- disconnect the cables from the board and
place a (approx 330 ohm) resistor across the + & - terminals for each of =
channels. Run the board for a few minutes -- there should be a flat =
with no spikes. If you do get spikes then a RF signal is getting into =
board and/or computer.

If there are no spikes after several minutes of operation, then =
the wires at the geophone case and use the same resistors to shunt the =
of the cables. If no spikes occur then the problem is probably in the =
going to the transducers -- check the soldered connections. (All of your
connections are soldered aren't they? If not, then do so.)

I've had over 300 meters of cable strung out between geophones and my =
system along a 600-volt light rail train track -- and had no problems =
spikes entering the system -- even during thunderstorms.


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Is it possible that this spikes might come becose of a sensor failure ?

The smaller spikes didn't start until I did connect the cat-5 cable
directly to the geophone sensors. They still are there, even if I have
reconnected the orginal wires.

Just a thought.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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