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Subject: Newbie Questions
From: "Jerry Payton" gpayton880@.......
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 23:00:19 -0500


Entering a new "hobby" or interest, one always has a ton of questions.  But, 
to avoid ruining my welcome too fast, I will list just a few general 
questions.  Some questions might fit into the "Which is better Ford of 
Chevy" category, but my questions are genuine.

1)    Geophone vs. Seismometer?
2)    Vertical or Horizontal?
3)    Resonant Frequency? 1, 4.5, 8, or 10Hz.?

I have spent hours today reading various articles and from different 
websites until my eyes crossed and I had Brain Fade.  Some of the material 
"may" be outdated too. That is one of my "gripes" about the way to determine the age of a posted document.

As I understand it, for long distance reception, you need a more sensitive 
seismometer rather than a geophone.  However, I could see where a sensitive 
one might be overwhelmed with a nearby quake.  I live in a rural area in NW 
Arkansas and the closest activity probably would be the New Madrid fault 

I doubt that I want to build anything unless it is a kit form.  Is there an 
soundboard interface software or hardware nowadays.  Where are the 
economical commercial, kits and ready-built systems available?

Amateur Radio is full of different interfaces and uses for a soundboard.

I'll give up now and not bore you with anymore questions.

Gerald Payton 


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