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Subject: Re: Diffrence between a tectonic earthquake and a volcano type
From: Mauro Mariotti mariotti@.........
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 06:08:36 +0200

In what i know the volcano
has a narrow frequency band emission
and the magnitude of erthquake remains almost stable
for all the period the magma push from underground

tectonic earthquakes gives usually a foreshock series
that can increase in magnitude or vary randomly
then the mainshock and the the aftershocks events
usually decreases in magnitude.

in volcano microseismic is also present with
monochrome frequency emissions due to the magma
penetration trhoughs the faults created by the pressure.


At 02:29 2006/06/16, you wrote:
>Hi all
>What is the main diffrance between a tectonic type of earthquake and a
>volcano type of earthquake. Earlyer this evening i did recorod a
>earthquake that had his main energy around 5Hz at least. It didn't show
>well on higer hz, but was recorded farly good at my station at lower
>J=F3n Fr=EDmann
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