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Subject: Re: Help! California
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 23:39:38 -0700

Hi Ian,

I'm not within walking distance but you can have them send the package to me and I 
will resend it to you using USPS. My address is on this page

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

Ian Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if there is someone in the group who could help me with a 
> shipping from California pickle I've gotten into.  My DAQ system broke 
> down last week and I've bought a National Instruments daq board from 
> ebay: 
> The seller is insisting on using their own packing box instead of a 
> standard Fedex box and this is pushing up the shipping costs to $173! 
>  If they were to use a Fedex box it would only be $68.  So, I was 
> wondering if anybody lived close to the seller (Folger Ave.Berkeley, CA 
> 94710 - if you are within walking distance, they have a pickup service), 
> if I could have it shipped to you for onward shipping (USPS or 
> something) and I would reimburse the costs.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I've just sent one last email to the 
> seller asking them to use a Fedex box but I'm not optimistic that I'll 
> succeed.
> Ian Smith


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