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Subject: This system
From: "Kareem from Heyjoojoo.Com" system98765@.............
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:22:43 -0700

I'm hoping someone can help out with connecting my seismograph drum recorder
system (Photo A, see links below). It's an older model that was once used in
a museum. I do have some basic electrical skills but unsure how to connect
the sensor small geophone (Photo B) with two leaders. There is a specific
part of the system that I'm not sure what to do what with (Photo C). If it
looks familiar to you and you can point me in the right direction on getting
it going, please reply. The drum has a power switch and rotates fine but
can't get it to behave like a seismograph system.

Photo A
Photo B
Photo C
Extra photo with alternate view:

Kareem Lanier
37.97 N, 122.30 W


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