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What component detects vibrations and transmits them to the drum record?

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Hi Kareem-
You can not drive that galvanometer with a geophone- you will need an
amplifier and filter.  The 28 hz will not see anything except freq's higher
than ~20 Hz... Nice Pics tho- <<<  Jim
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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:22:43 -0700 "Kareem from Heyjoojoo.Com"
> I'm hoping someone can help out with connecting my seismograph drum 
> recorder system (Photo A, see links below). It's an older model that 
> was once used in a museum. I do have some basic electrical skills but 
> unsure how to connect the sensor small geophone (Photo B) with two 
> leaders. There is a specific part of the system that I'm not sure what 
> to do what with (Photo C).
> If it
> looks familiar to you and you can point me in the right direction on 
> getting it going, please reply. The drum has a power switch and 
> rotates fine but can't get it to behave like a seismograph system.
> Photo A Photo B  
> Photo C  
> Extra photo with alternate view: 
> Kareem Lanier
> 37.97 N, 122.30 W
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