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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 18:27:47 -0700

Just wondering if anyone else was able to help me with my system. I know
that others have similar systems - I recall that someone just recently
obtained a similar system. If you wouldn't mind sharing how you get yours up
and running, I would appreciate it. There aren't many places around where
one can get this kind of information. I'd hate to have to just give it up
but it's not of much value unless it's functioning. 

Where can I obtain what I need and how difficult is it to obtain?

1.5 city blocks from active trace of N. Hayward Fault segment

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Hi Kareem-
You can not drive that galvanometer with a geophone- you will need an
amplifier and filter.  The 28 hz will not see anything except freq's higher
than ~20 Hz... Nice Pics tho- <<<  Jim
        Jim O'Donnell
Geological/Geophysical Consultant
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On Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:22:43 -0700 "Kareem from Heyjoojoo.Com"
> I'm hoping someone can help out with connecting my seismograph drum 
> recorder system (Photo A, see links below). It's an older model that 
> was once used in a museum. I do have some basic electrical skills but 
> unsure how to connect the sensor small geophone (Photo B) with two 
> leaders. There is a specific part of the system that I'm not sure what 
> to do what with (Photo C).
> If it
> looks familiar to you and you can point me in the right direction on 
> getting it going, please reply. The drum has a power switch and 
> rotates fine but can't get it to behave like a seismograph system.
> Photo A Photo B  
> Photo C  
> Extra photo with alternate view: 
> Kareem Lanier
> 37.97 N, 122.30 W
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