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Subject: Re: Digest from 06/27/2006 00:01:04
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 02:58:24 +1200

Wayne Abraham wrote:
>> I have tryed to relocate the distance of this earthquake, far as I can
>> tell it appears to more like 5.9km away from my location then 4 - 5km
>> away from my location. But I still wonder why this earthquake did happen
>> in my area, that usally doesn't have earthquakes.
 > Do you have a volcano close to you? These traces somewhat resembles the
 > small traces I have been getting from the volcanoes around me. I wish I
 > could zoom them in a bit though to be sure.

Crikey Jón,

Maybe you are about to be blasted off the face of the earth Like this bloke

It seems that as you go down a magnitude of tremblor the frequency of such is 
increased by a magnitude. At the same time the detectability decreases. Thus 
you can expect to see ten inconsequential local quakes for every larger 
inconsequential local quake.

Small quakes are significant only very locally. Seismically active areas here 
often encounter swarms of 100s of quakes in the ~3.5 range without ?any? 
damage. Matata and 
Taupo spring to mind.

Eruptions of our volcanoes here are generally accompanied by a period of 
continuous 'volcanic shudder' which is, none the less, often seen with no 
actual eruption.

Small quakes in volcanic fields are not such a good indicator of impending 
volcanic activity although some eruptions do start catastrophically:


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