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Subject: Re: Using a Mac as a seismometer
From: "Connie and Jim Lehman" lehmancj@...........
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:32:46 -0400

Jon--  I am not familiar with an internal sensor in Macs--- Your reference
to Mac computers reminds me of a standard physics lab exercise of simple
harmonic motion.  Using the companion force probe mounted vertically
weighted by a spring & mass, one could get a beautiful readout of
SHM.--comparing different masses & spring constants.  I forget in those days
if the probe was a Hall effect  or capacitive type (Vernier Lab unit)  The
setup was extremely sensitive, and we played with the idea of forming a
1-sec vertical/properly damped.  As I was more interested in long period
performance I never pursued the idea further, but would be interested if
anyone tried such a design---
    Have a great day--Jim Lehman
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From: "Jón Frímann" 
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Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 3:06 PM
Subject: Using a Mac as a seismometer

> Hi all
> Someone did write a program to use Mac computers with internal movement
> sensors as a seismometers. I doubt that this is really accure in
> detecing earthquake, but the idea is good. :-)
> I wonder if this program can be adjusted to be used with real
> seismometers or geophones.
> More info here. and here
> Regards.
> --
> Jón Frímann
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