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Subject: Resistive Damping
From: "Benji Johnson" Benji.Johnson@..................
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 13:30:05 -0700

I would like to update my Lehman style seismometer from that of using oil =
damping to using resistive damping.  I have read Sean-Thomas' very =
informative post (, =
but being a rank novice in such matters, I still have a few questions.

The coil that I am using is wound with #34 wire, and has a resistance of =
2,330 ohms.  The leads from the coil currently terminate in an RCA jack.

My tentative plan is to: 1) Short the leads, to determine if resistive =
damping will be feasible.  2) Begin with approximately 3,000 ohms of =
resistance and begin a trial & error period to determine the appropriate =
amount of resistance.

The questions that I have before starting in on this are:

1)  Is there a technique to cutting through the insulation to get to the =
wires?  I get nervous thinking about working with the fine #34 wire, and =
having to rewire the RCA jack due to a careless mistake.  Is it just a =
matter of careful scraping to get to the wire?

2)  Once down to the wire, what is the best way to go about connecting the =
resistors to the leads?  With alligator clips, which would make it easily =

3)  I know that the resistors need to be wired in parallel, but what is =
the best way to connect the resistors to each other?  Twist together, =
solder, or use a solderless breadboard mounted between the leads?

Thanks in advance.

Benji Johnson

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