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Subject: Re: Resistive Damping
From: John Popelish jpopelish@........
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 19:21:31 -0400

Benji Johnson wrote:
> The coil that I am using is wound with #34 wire, and has a resistance of 2,330 ohms.

> 1)  Is there a technique to cutting through the insulation to get to the wires?

I use a butane lighter to burn the insulation off, followed by a light 
abrasion by pulling the end from a folded fine sandpaper (600 grit 
silicon carbide).  Then it can easily be tinned.

> 2)  Once down to the wire, what is the best way to go about connecting the resistors to the leads?

I would solder to a pair of flexible lead wires  that are anchored to 
the coil with tape.

> 3)  I know that the resistors need to be wired in parallel, 
> but what is the best way to connect the resistors to each other?
 > Twist together, solder, or use a solderless breadboard mounted 
between the leads?

You might start with a variable resistor soldered to the lead wires. 
That makes adjustment very easy.  Once you have found the desired 
response, select a standard resistor with about that value, to replace 
the adjustable.  You can connect that final resistor to the terminals 
on the jack that the lead wires terminate on.

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