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Subject: Re: Risk of a large earthquake soon
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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 07:54:54 -0700

Hello Chris Thanks for your reply;

Yes it would be very expensive to build
properly for natural disasters but what you
do is correct the mistakes of the past
as time goes on. As buildings get old and die you
either move to a safer location or build a
better stronger building. But I have seen well
built Japanese buildings simply fall over
like a big tree and not otherwise seem damaged
in a case such as this a new location is needed
or the roots of the building need to be so deep
that liquification is irrelevent.
Peoples of the past were extremely ignorant of the universe
around them and tend to build in the most
beautiful inviting places that are the
result of on going natural disasters.

It seems the place currently known as Atlantis
was originally constructed in the very heart of
an Active volcano because for one reason or another
these folks found it out of ignorance to be an ideal place.

There exists a problem no one is willing to address
and that involves overpopulation. It is my personal belief
that all the good livable land is taken and
many people are forced by circumstances
beyond their control to live in dangerous places.

Governments should dedicate themselves to the
health safety and welfare and Education of their citizens
because that is really the primary reason for
their existance if you want to be civilized.

This means dedicating all your financial and
other resources in that direction.


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