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Subject: Border Patrol Use Of Seismic Sensors
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 02:33:33 -0700

I understand the US Border Patrol has used
seismic sensors for a long time now to watch
certain areas of the border for intruders/interlopers
and I was wondering what is the sensors they
are using (make and model or type or manufacturer)?  Does anyone know ??

I can imagine the military doing this too
around nuclear sites and such
critical areas where sensitive
information is being collected/stored.

I happen to know that geiger counters can now
use semiconductor sensors instead of those old
delicate tubes with relatively short lives
due to the organic quenching gases.
So I can imagine there exists today
sensors we have never seen before that are
far superior to what us amateurs have been

Why cant a seismic sensor be built into
a microchip somehow ??

Have the experts in the field of science
(scientists) ever experimented here ?

Are there any military secrets related to Geology ?
(that might help us)

Anyone here know anything about the future of
vibration sensors sensitive enough and low noise enough
down to or below the seismic
noise level ?


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