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Subject: Re: Seismograph for school
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 10:23:48 -0700

A suggestion only and a few observations:

You can also design and build your own using basic circuits that are well known in the radio (ARRL) community because frequency 
seems to have no effect in results provided you can find the right components to meet your needs. There are free softwares out there 
to help you do this. You just need to have some basic curiosity above the level of playing follow the leader. I hate to think that 
amateures are so single minded as to be unwilling to dabble in fields other than geology. Some things are fixed and proven and for 
those ideas just buy kits and modify them to your needs. Homebuilt sensors lack uniformity so the related electronics must be 
flexable to accomidate the differences. If you are forced to buy premade equipment to use in combination with third party sensors I 
think your results will be less than desirable. Only if you buy the entire system between sensor and recorder including the sensor 
do i accept what results.
I will not accept copy rights for things like op amp circutry or computer programs because there exists more than just one way to 
arrive at given results. Two different peoples can arrive at the very same through in independent research and unlike the law I 
would damn no one for such results. Whatever works for you is alright by me as an amateur seeking only knowledge.

Please teach your kids to think for themselves and have an imagination in resolving problems.

Americas imagination seems to have been sold to other places
and i just do not see good imaginations anymore in our society.

But then I have never imagined anything myself that I believe to be original, it seems I can never top those who came before me. All 
I can do is mix and match in artistic ways to get what i want some of the time.

What we really need is a standard system that can be thoroughly understood for Amateurs whatever field so that the field can have a 
kind of uniformity. You go into the field and buy the standard system then you can experiment on the side to improve results if at 
all possible.
But as far as I know no group of GeoPhysicist have agreed on any kind of standards for us.
The peoples who take an interest in us are more than likely only security peoples keeping a close eye on  potential renagade 
sciences. Or potential Entrepreneuers trying to make money.

There seems to be an effort on the part of security minded peoples to destroy or keep disorganized  any groups that have not arisen 
through formal education and/or have no leadership.
Also that thing called religion is the ancient enemy of science.
We must all be on our guard for novel ways to destroy us.
You must teach your kids more than just the sciences to really know the discipline.



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